Teacher Training - IHWO Certificate in Teaching English in the 1° Ciclo

Course Programme

Teaching 8 - 10 year-olds
What are the children of this age like? We will look at some of the chief characteristics, according to theorists and teachers, of children aged 8 to 10.

Classroom Routines
The young learners' classroom requires very good learning habits and routines. This is a p ractical session where we analyse good practice in the 8-10 year-old classroom.

The 1° Ciclo Programme
A practical look at the programme and how it may be applied in the classroom.

Approaches and Methods I
An overview of some of the main methodologies for teaching children of these ages e.g. Task-based Learning, etc., and some practical ideas.

Approaches and Methods II
More methodologies and practical ideas to use with 1° Ciclo language learners.

Language Awareness and Skills
How should language and skills be taught to 8-10 year-olds? We will look at practical ideas abd suggestions based on the 1° Ciclo programme.

Activities and Materials
An overview of some of the most useful resources that can aid teachers in the 1° Ciclo programme.

Learning Styles
Children of this age are still learning to learn: how can we use learning style categories and multiple-intelligences theory to help us train them to become better learners.

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