Teacher Training - TKT Test of Professional Knowledge for English Language Teachers

The Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) focuses on the core knowledge needed by all English language teachers, whatever their background or teaching experience.

TKT has three modules:

  • Language and background to language learning and teaching;
  • Planning lessons and the use of resources for language teaching;
  • Managing the teaching and learning process.

These can all be taken together at the same time or separately over a period of time.

Candidates receive an internationally valid certificate from Cambridge for each TKT module they take.

The TKT test has been successfully trialled around the world. The initial launch in 2005 saw candidates entering for over 3,300 modules at centres in 21 countries.

As one teacher development course director said:"TKT is a highly practical and reflective examination and will provide candidates with a sound foundation in communicative language teaching."

TKT Courses
Teachers may follow a preparation course before taking the test or can also prepare themselves through their own reading and study, if they prefer.

International House Courses
IH Lisbon runs occasional preparation courses for this exam. For more information, please contact the department.

For further information on dates & fees, please click here.